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About Wandering Geminis
Gemini Couple Travelling World

We are Achyut & Akansha an Indian couple who were born and bought up at different places, met online & now we are on travel spree. Since we have met our lives have been always revolving around different cities & locations. We started dating in Indore, Got engaged in Mumbai, did court marriage in Kolkatta, traditional marriage in Ujjain & finally, we are here in Germany. We have a dream to travel the World & this is just a beginning.

We are aspiring travel bloggers who aim to help everyone having the same goal as ours. We will talk about places, instagrammable places, food, Vegetarian food, transfers, culture, budget & every other thing we find is worth mentioning.

Welcome to Our blog, we hope that we could help all our fellow wanderers in some or the other ways 🙂

Achyut Jhunjhunwala

Achyut is a 29 years old, UI Developer who holds a Bachelor's degree in Technology (Information technology). He loves travelling since his childhood days, his next itinerary is already planned even before finishing the existing trips. He has travelled a lot with his friends as a bachelor & now Akansha is here to accompany him. He has been changing his locations for the last 10 years & is currently located in Germany.

Akansha Jhunjhunwala

Akansha is a 26 years old Independent IT Business Consultant, she is from Indore. She also holds degree Bachelors of Engineering in IT. Being Gemini she loves to write & be active on social media platforms. She believes that life is very long to do something in hurry, so she does everything in her own pace (her pace means slowly :P).
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