Thinking about having a laid out vacation where you want to just relax at a thermal spa, or a party destination where all you want to do is drink, dance & eat good food. How about a week where all you are indulged is in history and architecture. Sounds amazing, right? Budapest is one city that offers so much that no one can feel bored at any point in time. The city is much more fun in the morning than in the evening.

We loved this city so much that we have visited it twice in a span of just 1 year and intend to go again because we have so much more to explore. It easily holds a place in the list of our favourite cities. Also, the fact that makes this city easy to explore is the fact that it is cheaper than most the other European countries. Listing 10 of our favorite places to visit in Budapest:

1. Parliament House

A Budapest trip wouldn’t be considered even complete if you don’t witness the parliament house here. It is one of the most beautiful buildings & the main symbol of Budapest. It is worth appreciating in the daytime and worth admiring in the night lights.

Parliament during Night

 2. Ruin Pubs

Spend an evening in one of its kind concepts of ruin pubs. There are so many to choose the favourite from, each having its own speciality- Szimpla Kert for its awesome interior and beer, Mazel Tov perfect for going on a romantic dinner; Instant & Fogas will get your dancing shoes on. Do make sure that you do a reservation in advance at these places as they are too crowded to get a table immediately.

Szimpla Kert- ruin pubs

Szimpla Kert- ruin pubs


3. Szechenyi thermal spa

Soak yourself in 15 indoor pools of mineral-rich water at the Szechenyi thermal spa. It looks like more of an amusement park with a lot of people around every time. The whirlpool & jacuzzi jet outdoor pools make sure that you are entertained all the time. There are other thermal pools in Budapest like the Gellart & Rudas, but we loved Szechenyi as it was more fun than others at approximately the same cost.


Szechenyi Thermal spa

Szechenyi Thermal spa


4. Great Synagogue

This largest in Europe & the second largest in the World, this Synagogue makes you familiar with a lot about Jewish religion & history associated with them. With the entrance ticket to the Synagogue, you get a free guided tour in multiple languages like English, French, German, etc. It is compulsory for men to cover their heads while entering Synagogue, they are provided with small paper hats at the entrance. Also, you will have to make sure that they are appropriately dressed with their shoulders and knees covered.

5. Fisherman’s Bastion

This is one of the favourite spots of tourists known for providing the best panorama view of the Danube river & the Parliament. The castle itself is built in a style that gives a romantic, fairytale feel. It is a photogenic place where you can sit & enjoy the sunset view.


6. St. Stephen’s Basilica

This one is the second largest Church in Hungary & can occupy up to 8500 people. It has a magnificent interior & from the top, you get to see the panorama view of the city. Do visit the Gelato Rosa ice-cream shop present near this Church. They have utterly delicious ice cream shaped in the form of a rose.

7. The Chain Bridge

Don’t miss walking on one of the oldest bridges which connect Buda & Pest. The view at the night is especially mesmerizing since the lights of the city reflect in the Danube river making it look more beautiful.

8. Buda castle

This castle is listed as one of UNESCO’s world heritage. Take the Funicular railway to reach the castle & stroll around to see some beautiful statues & architectural buildings from history.

9. Budapest Eye Ferris wheel

At walking distance from St. Stephen’s Basilica, you will find the Budapest Eye Ferris wheel. You can board it to see the top view of the city that this Ferris offers. The ride lasts for around 8-10 minutes.

10. Danube Promenade

The walking way near the Danube river between Chain Bridge & Elizabeth Bridge is known as Danube Promenade. It is a mostly touristy place where you will find large hotels & view of Buda castle & fisherman’s Bastion. Here you will able to see the shoes on the Danube memorial & statues like the little princess, a girl with the dog & others.

Budapest also offers really nice food with cuisine options from all over the World. We always loved every meal that we ate there. If you have time do check Cafe Parisi andrássy, the interior of this cafe makes you feel that you are at a royal palace & the food will leave you asking for more (especially their cheesecakes). Do feel free to reach us in the comment section below if you have any questions. We will be happy to help you.